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Gluten Free Lifestyle Program

Version 2

A 6-month nutrition, exercise & lifestyle solution for those living the gluten free lifestyle

1469956_10151870052713049_1447090800_nThere I was, in the middle of the night, hugging a toilet for the umpteenth time, shaking, clammy and feeling like a complete addict.

Over the last several months, I had been throwing up a lot more. My head was fuzzy. I was battling with acne. As a woman well into her 30’s, this was not cool. My legs had tracks of missing skin where I had lifted it off from scratching it so hard. If I poked my midsection, it kind of wobbled like a waterbed, even though I still fit into my clothes.

Early that morning, I decided once and for all: I was going to give the gluten-free thing a try. I knew all about it – I was several years into practice at this point, and I had plenty of clients thriving on the GF Lifestyle. When it came to me, however, I had this mental block that THIS was what was causing my symptoms. Come on, I grew up Italian! I was raised on pasta and bread.

Something that night just clicked for me, part feeling like an addict or an alcoholic, but with gluten, and just tired of feeling horrible and throwing up when I ate certain foods or when I had a migraine. That takes up a lot of time and emotional energy.

Of course, I knew all about the gluten molecule. How here in the US, farming and hybridization practices over the last couple decades have fundamentally changed the shape, size and DNA structure of the molecule. We are not eating the same gluten our grandmothers ate – we’re not even eating the same gluten that is eaten in other countries.

I also knew about the impacts that gluten can have on physical symptoms and disease states, outside the obvious Celiac Disease. The work of Dr. Alessio Fasano linked gluten consumption being detrimental to all autoimmune conditions, not just Celiac Disease. There was evidence that gluten can create or exacerbate joint pain, skin conditions, headaches/migraine, breathing dysfunction, reactive airway and of course the full gambit of gastrointestinal distress: constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramping, distension and more.

You’re only ready for something when you’re ready for it, right? I wasn’t ready til I was ready.

Now I’m ready in a different way. I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned and did with not only innumerable clients, but myself too.

Whether you have a recent Celiac diagnosis, have stumbled across a non-Celiac gluten sensitivity (yes, that is real and backed by science), are wondering if you have a sensitivity to gluten, if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or if you are just interested in checking out what being gluten-free is all about, it can feel overwhelming. There is SO much info out there – a whole deluge of details.

The truth is there can be a big variety of reasons for why you may want to consider going gluten free, and how eliminating gluten and tuning up your gut for a few months can really change the way you feel in your day to day life.

If you’ve got IBS, SIBo, or any type of functional bowel disorder that is related to bacterial dysbiosis (an imbalance in your gut flora), going gluten free is the way to go, not just according to me but all of the cutting edge research and integrative providers. If you’re getting good info, that should be what you are hearing 🙂

If you have low digestive fire – output of stomach, acid and bile, you will likely have a harder time digesting gluten. Leaky gut/intestinal permeability, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease and even chronic stress leading to limbic system dysfunction/dysautonomia will all create circumstances in your body that will be greatly helped by going gluten free.

Folks that avoid gluten – whether just for a few weeks or months to years and years and beyond – are a heterogenous bunch. There are lots of reasons why going gluten free can make you feel better and look better. It’s not black and white, but a wide spectrum of grey.

What I have created is a structured Gluten Free Lifestyle program that walks you through, step by step, all of the things you need to know and do to live YOURGluten Free Lifestyle effortlessly and without feeling overwhelmed. The curriculum is delivered over the course of 6 months via e-mail and PDFs and topped off with my Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program and the Video Classroom (sessions will be recorded and stored for viewing anytime) for those of you who want to do some gut-tuning. And, if you’ve got gluten sensitivity, it’s a really good idea to do so (tune up your gut, that is).

The goals of the Gluten Free Lifestyle v2: The GFLv2 will leave you confident and empowered to be able to find gluten free options and navigate the gluten free world no matter where you are. You will get a tremendous education in the gluten molecule, including farming practices, research, disease states it is connected to, the role of GMO, pesticides and regulation on the gluten molecule.

I will share with you my insights on the anti-gluten free movement, lead by those who claim that being gluten free is “just a fad”. We will cover the many ways that non-Celiac gluten sensitivity can manifest. You will get practical action steps that you can implement immediately in your day to day life, plus catch a glimpse into my own gluten free kitchen: I will show you how to cook if you enjoy it (and my favorite kitchen tools!), how to shop convenience/pre-made options or order at restaurants if you don’t enjoy cooking.

In my Video Classroom, you will learn all about a wide variety of health topics related to gluten and you will watch me do live demos of cooking and prepping all differnt types of foods and beverages.

You will enjoy a body that has less pain, clearer skin, and an easier ability to maintain optimal weight and waist circumference. You will get a reset on your digestive system, improving its functioning greatly. You will be able to achieve more optimal health through your gut.

What Is It?

This is a 6 month gluten free lifestyle solution delivered via email, PDF and video. It is 100% do-it-yourself and self-paced, for those looking to take a long-term approach to their health, wellness and fitness.

In this second version, there is an entire video classroom section that offers 12 lessons all about the wide variety of topics related to health and gluten, plus 10 cooking demos ranging from snacks to supper and breakfast to desserts…all gluten-free with a Paleo twist that will be easy on your waistline and blood sugar control. I have learned that not only does being gluten free mean that you can have delicious yummy foods and baked goods, but that you can make this nutritious food in a way that is cohesive with your dietary, fitness and wellness goals. I will be bringing you into my kitchen via video to show you exactly how I make all of my favorite, super yummy, Paleo-style foods .

Delivery: To be delivered over the course of 6 months

  • You will receive a weekly educational e-mail.
  • You will receive a monthly series of workouts: weight training, cardio, sprints, walking and all things movement.
  • In a controlled, dripped fashion, you will receive educational PDFs.
  • You will receive access to my exclusive Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program and portal, a DIY, self-paced online educational program to identify food sensitivites, rule out pathogenic infection, improve the health of the microbiome, stoke digestive fire, and ensure the integrity of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • You will receive access to my exclusive online classroom, a BRAND NEW FEATURE of the Gluten Free Lifestyle Program, encompassing 12 lessons in health, digestive health, autoimmune disease, mindset and perspective all in relationship to gluten, living the GF lifestyle and all of the associated themes that go with it. This classroom is interactive, although there will not be individualized coaching there. Classes start January 1, 2017.


Each module lasts approximately four to five weeks. The content of each module will be delivered over the course of this time, via email and the classroom.

Module I

This module is all about the tips, tricks and tools you need to get started immediately, including 4 PDFs:

  • The Gluten-Free Cooking Primer, including vegetarian options and GF baking and seasoning;
  • Comprehensive Gluten-Free Food List;
  • Gluten-Free Guide to Restaurants, Road Trips and Parties.
  • 4 weeks of workouts/movement to fire your metabolism and balance your nervous system
  • My personal gluten free story and how I arrived at the inspiration for the GFL.
  • Stories from my real, in-life clients who achieved greater health through the GFL.
  • Mindset: how perspective is a choice and how to create your own best perspective for your health goals.
  • Mindset: Reframing the context of food sensitivity from “I can’t eat that” to “I don’t eat that” and how that makes all the difference.
  • Mindset: Dealing with critiques and critics. How to talk to and think about friends, family, and angry natural health bloggers who want to tell you being GF is a fad and you’re a followeror delusional.

Module II

This module is all about gluten, we could call it Gluten School. This will educate you to speak intelligently about gluten to whoever want to engage you on the subject. you will know, in great detail, about why gluten can be a problem.

  • In depth analysis of farming practices and how they have changed over the years.
  • The role of pesticides, Round-Up and GMOs on gluten.
  • In depth analysis of symptoms and disease states that can be caused by all forms of gluten sensitivity.
  • We will answer the question: Is being gluten-free Paleo? The answer may surprise you.
  • The connection between gluten and FODMAPs.
  • Testing: Celiac Disease, non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
  • Elimination-Challenge diets.
  • New workouts for the next 4 weeks.
  • Talking to your doctor & testing options and other functional tests: PDF

Module III

This module circles back again to give laser-focus into the GFL: how to shop, using GF for fat loss, how to construct your meals, etc.

  • Clean out your pantry
  • Re-stock your pantry <wink>
  • How to go shopping and how to read labels
  • Shopping: PDFs
  • GF medications
  • GF cosmetics
  • GF body care and hygiene products
  • Other PDF: Reading List
  • New workouts for the next 4 weeks.
  • Why it’s not a great idea to get caught in the gluten-free baked good trap.
  • Typical gluten-free meal options you can cook at home, including recipes & what to emphasize.
  • The role of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and FODMAPs.
  • Can being gluten-free translate into a fat-loss lifestyle? Yes, I will show you how.
  • The unique supplemental considerations of someone with Celiac Disease, non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and someone with intestinal barrier function (IBF) issues.
  • 4 weeks of new workouts and movement

Module IV

This module is about taking the GFL and expanding it to create digestive wellness and health bliss. I will teach you, step by step, how to optimize your digestion, your enteric nervous system (the second brain, ENS) and autonomic nervous system (ANS).

  • The possibility of other food sensitivities – how to see if this is something for you to explore and how.
  • Stoking your digestive fire – your body’s ability to break down the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you eat into their building blocks of amino acids, fatty acids and starches through the use of stomach acid, enzymes and bile.
  • Supporting the health of the microbiome – the four pound, 100 trillion cell-strong colony of bacterial cells that lives in your gut and performs dozens of health-giving tasks for you.
  • Ruling out pathogenic infection: parasites, harmful bacteria, yeast, SIBO, dysbiosis.
  • Ensuring good integrity of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Re-cap of functional digestive tests.
  • De-stressing and balancing the ENS and ANS.
  • Sleeping: how and why to do it, creating a great sleep environment and natural sleep support/aids
  • 4 weeks worth of new workouts and movement.
  • Special Delivery: The Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program & Portal will be delivered to you in the fourth module.
  • Pulling it all together.
  • Recap.

Goodbye & fare thee well, Gluten Free Lifestyler.

What’s Included?












This is my way of saying thank you for being so supportive of me. You guys are my inspiration, I am so excited about GFLv2 and I know that you are going to love it.

Who the Gluten Free Lifestyle Program was made for:

  • Someone who suspects they have a gluten sensitivity and wants to know exactly how to figure it out and what to do about it.
  • Someone who has a non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and wants targeted action steps and education to navigate this lifestyle.
  • Someone who has Celiac Disease.
  • Someone who has an autoimmune disease.
  • Someone who is not completely sure if they are sensitive to gluten, or know for sure that they are not, but would like to take a break from it for a while.
  • Someone who would like more guidance and structure in terms of how to cook, how to shop, how to read labels, what personal care products to get, how to talk to doctors, family and friends.
  • Someone who has considered buying the Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program, this is a steal for you 🙂
  • Someone who has non-specific, chronic symptoms like headache, fatigue, joint pain, inability to lose weight, bloating, skin rashes, bladder problems and so forth and would like to explore if living a Gluten Free Lifestyle would help alleviate their symptoms.
  • Someone who is ready to jump in and do the work and to take the long-sighted journey of figuring what works for YOU, instead of blindly following a coach, guru, online personality or checklist. For someone to find their OWN way through this.

Who the Gluten Free Program is Not For:

  • Someone who wants one-on-one coaching. Though extremely in-depth, this program does not have any one-on-one coaching from me, calls or closed Facebook groups. This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) program.
  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix or jump-start type program. This program is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Someone who is looking exclusively for fat loss. Though the GFLv2 can aid in fat loss, that is not the sole purpose or focus of this program.

What people are saying about the Gluten Free Lifestyle:

“For the last 18 months, I wouldn’t leave my house for more than an hour at a time because I could not face the humiliation of not being able to reach a bathroom in time. Dr. Jillian in her kind way helped give me my life back” – Claire

“Even though my aunt had Celiac disease, no one thought to test me for it, even though I was anemic with my hair falling out, nails peeling off and lips constantly cracked and bleeding. By the time I reached Dr. Jillian, I had given up hope. I should have gone to her first. Within 15 minutes of talking to me, she looked at me and said, “I think you have Celiac disease”. I cried, but with relief. I really feel like she saved my life” – Erin

“After dealing with mania and hypomania for years, I was finally ready to look at my diet. My doctors only wanted to give me a cocktail of drugs, and the drugs made me feel even more insane. Jillian and I had a phone visit and not only did she make me laugh so hard and feel like a person again, she gave me a glimmer of hope. I went gluten free and stuck with it and did the supplements she said to do. Within 3 months, my episodes were getting less intense and my mind was starting to clear. She said she wanted to see what dietary changes were going to do for me, and then we started working on my second brain. I have not felt this good in a long time.”-Michele

“A friend told me about Jillian and said she was the real deal. We did an elimination diet together and even though it was a pain I found out that my body doesn’t handle gluten, dairy or bananas. My roseacea has lessened and I have lost about 5 pounds” – Nick

“I have to confess that when I first saw Jillian I didn’t think she could help me. She doesn’t look a day over 21 and smiles a lot, I thought she was flake. It embarrasses me to write that, but it’s true. She proved me wrong. She convinced me to eliminate gluten for a month, and the burning in my mouth has stopped. My IBS symptoms are 75% better and I am having regular bowel movements.” – Anne R.

Get the Gluten Free Lifestyle v2 Program

An investment worth thousands, with the second version additions and video classroom offering even more value for the same price.


What to Expect Next:

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to start your program. Check your inbox, SPAM folders and filters for this e-mail. You will need to open this email and click on the confirmation link. Program beginsimmediatelyupon your e-mail confirmation. Once you confirm, you will receive the first e-mail of the Gluten Free Lifestyle within 24 hours.

If you do not get the confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase, please email and we will assist you!

The GFLv2 Video Classroom starts January 1. Each month will have 2 training sessions and two cooking demonstrations.

Have you already bought the Gluten Free Lifestyle in the past and are wondering about this second version with the video classroom? You will be invited free of charge to join in our video classroom starting January 1, 2017

Please direct ANY and ALL technical and customer support questions about this program to

Thank you. This one is for you.